Peak-reply periods

Small map of the region within the UK
  1. Air-time in Midlands TV area. Peak booking periods, starting December 25th
  2. Hard-selling Sunspot breaks, promoted on ATV by special trailer commercials
  3. Top production facilities in ATV Elstree Studios
  4. Computerised reply handling service gives 48-hour turnaround, plus bonus information
  5. Double-page spreads in full colour in TV Times to link commercials with coupon
  6. Merchandising support to Travel Agents

Everything about your Sunspot commercial is geared to create maximum, effective response. The commercials are transmitted in a special Sunspot break. This composite group of holiday advertisements benefits each participant, because viewers look to Sunspots as a source of holiday information.

This year Sunspots will be given additional impact with promotional commercials that tell viewers to be ready for holiday information. Each Sunspot closes with an invitation to send off the coupon from a double-page colour advertisement in the TV Times for the brochure of the holiday he is considering.

During December, ATV will mail travel agents a list of Sunspot advertisers. This gives agents a chance to cash in on Sunspots publicity by featuring your display material on their counters and in their windows.

Peak reply periods from December 25th

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