Hottest reply handling ever


The coupon replies come in! They’re going to be valuable enquiries, because viewers have been firmly instructed to ask for no more than 4 brochures.
They’re going to be turned around inside 48 hours – frequently well inside! This year, replies will go straight on to an IBM computer.
That’s why the service will be fast.

Meticulous supervision and experience are important too. So a member of the ATV Sunspot team will be assigned full-time to reply handling during every day of the operation. He will be on the spot to see things through smoothly, answer any query.

A man works at a giant bank of computers
11 o'clock at night! Punch cards having been prepared are fed into the I.B.M. Computer which will produce names and addresses and statistical analysis by advertiser.


A woman works at a complicated machine
3.30 a.m. Computer operation completed. The Cheshire Machine cuts and affixes labels from the computer print-out on to the advertiser's envelopes. These are then ready to be dispatched by early morning.
  1. Addressed envelopes. We produce name and address of every enquirer requesting your brochure, and stick it to your envelope (any size from 3¼” x 5″ up to 12″ x 12″). We deliver by van in London postal area, by rail or express delivery mail elsewhere. Or, on request, we can insert your brochure and post it. (Handling charge £6.5.0 per thousand, plus postage.)
  2. Alphabetical list of enquirers. Each advertiser receives a computer print-out of his enquirers, sorted by surname alphabetically. This allows easy follow-up mailing, or checking of actual holidays booked.
  3. Up-dated statistics, every day. A complete analysis of how many enquiries you received that day, and the total to date. All part of the computer service!
  4. First 2,000 all-inclusive. The first 2,000 enquiries directed to each advertiser are free. Further enquiries are charged at cost – £25.0.0 per 1000.
Computing power+brain power=48-hour turnaround+bonus data